Of grit and gumption !!

The fabulous story of how Jamsetji Nueerwanji Tata founded IISC in Bangalore, gives me goose bumps and tons of inspiration. The story is that of braving all odds, being selfless to the core, and making things happen, no matter what, once you have a vision.

I actually read a related story in either Hindu or Business Standard a couple of weeks back. Can’t seem to find the piece anywhere ! I will update this blog if I find it.

Meanwhile, take a read at this –


Absolutely unnerving !!

One chance !!

I watched this really sweet Bollywood movie – Sui Dhaaga. It’s about an Indian family that migrates into a bigger city, from a small town that once used to have thriving business of Indian clothes and handloom. The business collapses and everyone takes up some other profession for survival.

I won’t get into details because I don’t want this post to be a spoiler for those who may want to catch up this simple yet uplifting weekday watch.

Something that really stuck with me – the main protagonist Mauji’s parents want him to stick to a stable/no-risk job, even if it comes with a daily dose of insult. Mauji and his wife Mamta, decide to trust themselves and start a tailoring business.  They go through numerous challenges and find themselves staring at the opportunity to participate in a major fashion event. Mamta seeks support from Mauji’s parents, by saying – ” It’s only about one month. If it doesn’t work out, we will do whatever you say”.

I found this so amazingly relevant for so many of us. It’s mostly about that one wholehearted effort, that can help us have the satisfaction of giving our dreams a chance. And to think of it – does a month really matter much in a lifetime ? I guess, it doesn’t.

Go ahead, take that one chance .. who knows what lies beyond that one !!

Straw, bundles and heaps!

A learned man was once talking to a family that wasn’t exactly happy living with each other. Everyone felt that they are not able to live freely as an individual because of the web of relationships they are in.

Nearby, there was straw, holding each other in bundles, and then coming together to form a heap. The man pointed towards this heap and said –

“Each individual straw cannot stand on it’s own, unless it comes together as a bundle. A bundle, cannot stand for long, unless it comes together with other bundles, to form a heap.

Similarly, we are what we are, “in relation” to those around us. The need is to accept this fact, identify synergies, positive influences and developments that are enriching our lives because of those around us.”

This story completely changed my perspective on relationships. What do you think ?